Creer un Plugin Homeseer : fichier d’information

20 fév Creer un Plugin Homeseer : fichier d’information

fichier AssemblyInfo.vb

Imports System.Reflection
Imports System.Runtime.CompilerServices
Imports System.Runtime.InteropServices

' General Information about an assembly is controlled through the following
' set of attributes. Change these attribute values to modify the information
' associated with an assembly

' TODO: Review the values of the assembly attributes

<Assembly: AssemblyTitle("ZigBee plug-in for HomeSeer")>
<Assembly: AssemblyDescription("ZigBee Plug-In for HomeSeer")>
<Assembly: AssemblyCompany("HomeSeer Technologies, LLC")>
<Assembly: AssemblyProduct("ZigBee Benchi")>
<Assembly: AssemblyCopyright("(c)2011 ZigBee Widgets, Inc.")>
<Assembly: AssemblyTrademark("(c)2011 ZigBee Widgets, Inc.")>
<Assembly: AssemblyCulture("")>

' Version information for an assembly consists of the following four values:

'    Major version
'    Minor Version
'    Revision
'    Build Number

' You can specify all the values or you can default the Revision and Build Numbers
' by using the '*' as shown below

<Assembly: AssemblyVersion("0.1.*")>

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